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December 13,2010                                               

Hello once again from N. Uganda!

It is a bitter sweet time as we come down to the last week here.   God has been our unifying reason for such a blessed time, with the deepening of friendships and working relationships.  The teachings of forgiveness have had powerful effects in the lives of many people and will continue to have an impact in the villages where we have held day long seminars on becoming a Romans 12 Christian from a Bible Study written by Chip Ingram.  We’ve heard many statements from women who have stated their lives were painful and full of anger, and with deciding to forgive those that have offended or harmed them, they have become free to live a joy filled, overcoming life.   Being illiterate does not mean a person can’t understand the teachings of the Bible. 

One enormous project which has been in-process the last two weeks has been the Alito community center/church floor construction.  The materials alone required 90 dump truck loads of large and small rock, lime, cement, sand and other supplies.  Fortunately the use of the dumper was donated by our friend and supporter Felix Omodi.  Most of the challenges on the project have involved the dumper getting stuck either in the swamp needing a winch to pull it out, in a soft garden edge when the road was too soft requiring off loading and reloading sand after pushing the truck out, or in muddy areas filled with rain water.  One night the dumper crew returned home at 1:30 am!  Fuel for the dumper has been our largest expense with labor being the smallest expense.

A crew of 12 people has been working for almost 2 weeks to complete the floors of the office


Page 2  December 13, 2010

and storage areas and the main sanctuary with a raised stage for the choir.

 The whole dirt floor had to be raised over 18 inches before the concrete could be poured over top of it.  All of the concrete was mixed BY HAND using hoes!  The window edges have all been plastered and smoothed.  The remaining work of hanging doors to the offices, and painting the endless wall space will be scheduled later as funds are raised.  This community center began in 2001 at the time of our first mission trip to the area.  All along, the village church members have taken part in the construction, having made their own bricks and constructing the walls themselves. 


One woman has cooked 3 meals a day for the team, Four or five others are ferrying swamp water to the site, others pushing wheel barrow loads of rock and sand. Even the children were tussling with each other to carry the bags of cement into the building.  Truly, this is

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THEIR church.  It was a game with each trip of the dumper, the children running to catch up with it and hop in for a ride.The floor should be complete in the next several days.  It has been a beautiful example of how professionals and volunteers and the generous people of NE Washington in unity can accomplish much more together than either can alone. 

The new HAN Board continues to meet for hammering out the policies by which we will run here in Uganda in a more organized way.  The Tailoring School teachers group has also used the time off from the school to develop a 5 year business plan with a book keeper so the school will be running more effectively.  This is the part which is my weakest area, so I am relying heavily on people with great administrative skills.

Six motivated and interested medical workers took part in a hands-on class I presented on a physical therapy technique called Strain-Counterstrain which simply relieves musculoskeletal pain using

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Strain-Counterstrain which simply relieves musculoskeletal pain using specific positioning of the painful area.  The Jones Institute, Carlsbad CA graciously donated training manuals and charts for the students which were left with a rehab center and a hospital. 

Training here is lacking in so many areas, so students and professionals are greatly appreciative and willing to learn new skills.  We could use nursery and primary school teachers, and people with medical and therapeutic skills, mechanical, woodworking, sewing, farming and masonry skills for training and for projects in progress.  At least one mission trip will be planned for the summer of 2011. 

  One final time at Ayira Hospital for their outside praise and worship service today, had the patients, the staff and people from the local area singing and dancing for over 3 hours until it was so dark, that we could barely see each other!  Some of those in the dance choir moved in so many directions at the same time, it was impossible to attempt to follow them.  Photos don’t capture the true beauty of it.  Many of them have stated that when they dance for the Lord, they forget all their troubles and are so happy. 

Two jam packed days of village visits before leaving for Kampala will complete the time here in N. Uganda for 2010.  It is my great privilege to work with these hospitable people, and I pray that others will desire to come and experience it for themselves.

Sharing the love of Christ in practical ways

Carolyn Kurowski

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