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September 23,2014


It's less than a month to go for the October 11th Hands Across Nations (HAN) Annual Fundraiser Extravaganza at the Chewelah Civic Center!   This is a home grown non-profit 501c3 charity of which Chewelah can be proud.  Activity is heating up with many people volunteering their assistance to make it another evening to remember!  Tickets are now on sale at $15 for adults ($17 at the door), $7 for children at Akers Drug Store in Chewelah, or through a call to Carolyn (509-979-7448).  Reserving a table for 8 will save your place!

Keith is remaining in Uganda until the end of October supervising Teacher Training Workshops and gathering information on equipment to print primers and other books. Carolyn is back in the U.S. raising awareness of the Hands Across Nations literacy program  "Yabbo Anyim Kede Kwan", or  Opening the Future Through Reading.  Unofficially, we call it "Learning to read to read the Bible", as so many of the Lango Tribe have said that is their main reason for learning to read.

Activity with the literacy program is heating up too.  News from Keith is quite amazing.  There are now 468 trained teachers, and 2,264 students in more than 80 classes who are learning to read!  Many have completed the first primer book and are excited about how quickly they are learning.


Page 2  September 23, 2014


Keith said that we must have 2,000 primer #1 books, and 1,000 primer #2 books printed for all the students and teachers who will be needing them in the next 2 months!  His description of how many churches in the Lango region are requesting training for their prospective volunteer literacy teachers to start their classes, is a powerful picture.  "When we started this program in January, writing the primer books, we were taking off the runway in a Piper Cub Airplane.   Now, we have a Boeing 747 full of people waiting on the runway to take off!”  Together, all of us who are part of this effort both here and in Uganda, are building the runway so they can lift off and begin their journey! 


Spectrum Band, our entertainment for the HAN Fundraiser night, is donating several special items to the Live and Silent Auctions, and there are many more unique items as well.



Page 3  September 23, 2014

These include a gorgeous 12 ft fully lit indoor Christmas tree with remote controlled programmed lighting in various colors, 2 brand new lighted and animated deer, a full set of over 50 classic literature books, a grandfather clock, African zebra batik, new tool box and tools, new WSU folding chair with table attached, a large assortment of Legos for the kids, a stained glass hanging lamp, wood burned horses on weathered wood and many themed baskets. We can't list them all, and more are being donated each week.  A large assortment of African baskets and beads, made by Lango tribal women and men will also be on sale. 

The luscious chicken or veggie fettuccine, salad, bread and dessert dinner by chef Terry Trefz of Chewelah, the auctions with auctioneer Kerry Burkey, along with music and dancing are a great bargain for an entertaining evening out with friends.  And you will be part of the blessing of getting that 747 planeload of illiterate Lango people launched into the world of reading.  It will be a culture changer for them.

If you have an item in good repair you would like to donate for the HAN cause, need tickets and can't get to Akers Drug, or would like to help out, please call Carolyn Jones 509-979-7448.  All donations are tax deductible.


Sharing the love of Christ in practical ways,

Keith and Carolyn Jones

We love hearing from you.  You can write us at:

Carolyn: carolyn.jones@handsacrossnations.com

Keith:   keith.jones@handsacrossnations.com

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