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April 13, 2013

  Hello to everyone from not so sunny, and quite rainy Uganda!

For some of you, it may come as a surprise that we are back in Uganda.  The "we" is Keith Jones and I, Carolyn Kurowski.  God has blessed us with many generous supporters so we were both able to leave our paying jobs and come to Uganda for the next 3 months.  Our hearts have been here for a long time.  This has been 2 years in the works, so we consider it our "miracle".  But truly, many people helped make it happen, and God has made the way.  

Pushing over 100 lbs of cassava on a muddy road, 10-15 miles to market,  is a job only for the strong

A good airplane story is always entertaining, but this time, there was absolutely nothing that went wrong from the time of departure to the time of arrival in Uganda, praise God!  All the stress and strain of preparing to live in Africa for 3 months, gave way to gratefulness, relief and joy.

Once again the scenes flooded our eyes with weaving cows, darting goats and children, men pushing bicycles stacked with cassava, and women with babies strapped to their backs, their heads loaded down with piles of wood or water jugs weighing 40 lbs .   All the while our ears took in the enthusiastic crowd of fruit and vegetable vendors hawking their ripening produce.


Page 2  April 21, 2012

We are FINALLY  "back home" in Uganda, returning to our brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as a vast field of people who are ripe for God's harvest.  Felix and Esther Omodi have graciously welcomed us into their home for the entire 3 months, whenever we are not in the villages.  Felix made a quick trip to Chewelah and Spokane, Washington in March and met many of you at the pot luck dinner where he told of "Nodding disease", a new unexplained neurological disease plaguing children in the N. Uganda area.

Students from "Carolyn Nursery School" in Bala coming out to greet the arriving visitors.

Two verses in Proverbs 16:3 and 9 give us the ability to even think we can tackle some of the challenges here:  Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.  In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. (New Living Translation).

The recent down pour failed to dampen the children's spirits.


Page 3  April 21, 2012

Meanwhile, I'm reconecting with people with whom we will work in the next 3 months. What a team God has put together. Each of our strengths help to lift the other in the areas they struggle. We appreciate how differently God created us.

The nursery school facilities need repairs.

Our first trip to "the bush" was to Bala, the site of the first Hands Across Nations Crop Project, and the home of the Carolyn Nursery and Primary School.  It was started in 2007 by the women in the Christian Women's Farming  Group and their Pastor, Soloman.

School "caferteria" dish drying rack


Page 4  April 21, 2012

Seed money from Sue Brentlinger from Chewelah, WA was instrumental in getting the group started.    HAN has given financial assistance and school supplies to help get the school on its feet.

Buckets of rain over the last 2 weeks, had turned dusty trails into rusty colored ponds, so we were thankful for 4 wheel drive, and a "Come Along" winch Keith brought 

Two years ago the school was mostly sticks and tarps.  It has progressed to 2 long thatched huts, with 2 small dormitories.  Inside, triple bunk beds hold 2 students per bed with the over flow squeezed together on mattresses on the dirt floor.  The brick outline of a projected new primary school classroom building is laid out with piles of home-made bricks nearby in the hope of finding funding for cement to build the walls.  The vision is big, the funds are small, but with God all things are possible 

Bricks for the new Bala school building.

Completing the week was the pleasure of giving Sarah Abongo, a nurse anesthetist, the tools she needs to provide safe anesthesia during surgeries.  Sarah works in a 35 bed village hospital which has no electricity or running water inside the building.  Power is provided by a generator.

Sarah stated that the new stethoscopes,  laryngoscope, oximeter, and battery operated blood pressure monitoring cuff, will improve the mortality rate of her patients, and end the "nightmare" it has been, trying to do her job without adequate equipment.  


Page 5  April 21, 2012



Sarah, nurse anesthetist, is now prepared for keeping patients safely asleep during surgery

It is our blessing to be here, through God's grace and the unbelievable generosity of people who have a heart for the people in N. Uganda.  Please pray for restoration of families and a peaceful culture, centered on the Lord. 

May God let you know, deep in your heart, how much you are a part of His big plan for Africa.

Sharing the love of Christ in practical ways,

Carolyn and Keith

You may send emails to both of us at:

Carolyn: ckurowski@handsacrossnations.com

Keith:  keith.jones@handsacrossnations.com

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